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If you can’t explain it in Stick Figures, you are probably making the sales process too complicated for your prospects. The methods at Stick Figure Sales Academy come from more than 25 years of professional sales excellence.


Telemarketing or Face-to-Face Sales

Individuals or Groups

Online Content or Email Marketing

Business to Consumer or Business to Business


Customers are smart and they hate to be sold. Yet, if you’ve done your research, most of your prospects can benefit from your product or service. But with all the noise coming at them with an ad or phone call every few minutes, you or your team need to be concise, easy-to-understand, and fast.


Keeping things simple doesn’t mean you do baby talk to your prospect or show any disrespect to their intelligence.


What Stick Figure Sales do accomplish is cutting to the chase so every the busiest of prospects will appreciate a host of answer is a handful of minutes.


Best of all, The Stick Figure Sales Approach makes the sales conversation easier and fun. That’s right, I dare say fun! Even when telemarketing.


Getting to the basics of your sales process means understanding what components work and what is fluff that makes you, the sales rep feel good. Leave feeling good to the close and your commission check.


If you are ready to have some fun while prospecting or giving sales presentations, give the Stick Figure Sales Academy a try for 90 days. I’m so confident this will make you more money, that I’m offering a full money back guarantee.


Go through my program and if you haven’t increased your sales revenue by 20% by the end of 90 days compared to the day you start, I’ll give you a 100% refund.   


What do you have to lose?


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